Friday, August 17, 2007

Tiahrt’s Churches under attack

The IRS is finally doing something about Kansas churches getting involved in the states political races, using donations, putting up political messages, attacking other religions and supporting candidates for office. All this with a tax exempt status which comes from being a religious institution. The church under attack is Spirit One Christian Center.
It’s about time. This community has had to deal with churches, as the one listed above, whose members continuously vote as a block to get the most disgusting politicians in office, including Todd Tiahrt.
These politicians can count on financial and voters support from Pastors whose followers vote like zombies on whoever they are told to vote for.
According to The Wichita Eagle, Aug. 17, 2007:

Audit may be part of IRS' investigation of church
The Wichita Eagle
A Wichita church being investigated by the Internal Revenue Service for a possible violation of its tax-exempt status could soon be audited.
The IRS notified the church in a letter that it may need to examine the financial and accounting records of Spirit One Christian Center, the church's pastor said Thursday. The IRS is trying to determine whether the church violated rules against political campaign activity that tax-exempt organizations must follow.
In the letter, the IRS told Pastor Mark Holick that the church could meet with IRS officials to "try to resolve our concerns and alleviate the need for further action." The meeting also could "help define the issues and limit the scope of any examination," the letter said.

Spirit One organized anti-gay march

This is no accident. Opponents of this church have complained for years about the abuse of these churches and others like it abusing their tax exempt status. The put out voter guides which are extremely biased, inaccurate and make it obvious who they support.
Todd Tiahrt has continuously used these churches as a base of support along with support from large businesses such as Koch Industries, which gives him over $100,000 in any given election

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