Saturday, July 14, 2007

Two more Years?!!!!!!

It’s time for us to focus on one of Kansas most infuriating idiot, one who is up for re-election and probably about to win. Not because he’s hard to beat but the the Democrats have yet to come up with a decent candidate to defeat our own Kansas Rep. Todd Tiahrt. The asshole is like a sitting duck. He’s done virtually nothing for his constituents and spend a lot of their tax money on himself. He takes his whole family to vacations in Europe an Hawaii at the tax payers expense. All his votes are based on which business gives him the most money.

To put it another way, the Democratic party, at the lower level, is so inept that they couldn’t win an election against a roundworm if it ran. Tiahrt’s corruption rivals almost any Republican in office.

Any vote from Tiahrt can be bought. ANY!!!

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