Friday, June 08, 2007

CITYPAPER. Sells out to Tiahrt and other useless conservatives

It never fails. Some one starts a newspaper to provide the other side of issues a voice, it starts loosing money, then a conservative buys it and scoops out the same dog shit we get every day in our daily newspaper, not to mention other weeklies and the newspapers of the religious wing-nuts or fundis.
Our latest victim is the CITYPAPER. It was originally a decent paper that replaced F5. It had always been geared to entertainment, but it did provide a forum for the disenfranchised reader. Now it’s a straight out piece of crap.
It’s put out by a couple, Ron and Sheryl Nut. And just to let the Nuts know, we don’t need more conservative fish wrap in Wichita. We have enough manure that passes for political politics as it is.
The best example of duplication is a column by Congressman Todd Tiahrt. As if he doesn’t get enough uncritical publicity in the local media, this stupid rag has designated him the “Capitol Report” – As if we don’t already have enough biased congressional reporting from one of the worst politicians ever allowed to serve on behalf of Congress. We already pay to send his whole family to Hawaii and Europe for vacations and listen to him spout off about issues he knows nothing about due to his blinded fundamentalist rhetoric. Now a small alternative paper gives him yet another voice.

Well, CityPaper of Wichita, we don’t need another useless conservative rag and many of us have no use for you at all.

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