Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Tiahrt reacts to 9-11

So what did Rep. Todd Tiahrt have to say about 9-11. He just backed up what President George Bush said. He made a few statements about the troops then gave his blessings to the war effort.

According to Tiahrt’s own web page:
“America Must Continue to Stand Against Terror”
“Although I saw the destruction on television and from a few blocks away, words cannot adequately describe the scene or my feelings upon actually visiting the site,” Tiahrt said. “It is a horrible tragedy, but it is also obvious that the spirit of our nation’s military is strong.”
“I want to recognize the men and women who are fighting for all of us,” said Tiahrt. “We will never forget the brave soldiers who gave their lives to protect our freedom.”

Here are the latest revelations about President Bush:
Just last week it was revealed by our president that we have secret detention centers were the CIA tortures captured al Qaeda leaders for information. Bush claimed it wasn’t torture, but that depends on the definition of torture. Apparently if the rack isn’t used and there’s no visible scars when finished, it isn’t torture. To convince someone they’re drowning, stripping them naked and depriving them of sleep 48 hours is OK.Bush argued that lives were saved and terrorist acts prevented.“Were it not for this program," Bush said, According to the Chicago Tribune, "our intelligence community believes that Al Qaeda and its allies would have succeeded in launching another attack against the American homeland."

Yes torture has always been a useful tool for extracting information. Ask any dictator in the Middle East. Ask Saddam Hussein.And to reward these people for all the information they gave up, Bush is now planning their trials, so they can be executed. That must be the corner stone of democracy. It’s a little like the processed used at Democratic Kampuchea's S21 prison.
So we use torture, we have a concentration on Guantanamo and the Patriot act allows the government to spy on us at any time. We should feel real safe, unless we fall under suspicion of our government.
And let’s not forget the war which was planned before 9-11, even though Bush insisted they are related.
Yes, fascism is a safe form of government, except for the never ending war in Iraq and other parts of the Middle East.9-11 has changed us for the worse. In some ways the terrorist have succeeded. They have proven that our constitution is nothing but toilet paper anytime the American citizens are frightened.

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