Thursday, August 17, 2006

Alan Bjerga takes on Tiahrt

Alan Bjerga will run against Rep. Todd Tiahrt in the upcoming election. With all the dirt uncovered on Tiahrt and all the flops as screw ups he’s had the last few years, the race would seem a slam-dunk for Bjerga. But Bjerga only has $2,700 so far

and Tiahrt has at least a $ million, according to The Wichita Eagle.

And in US democracy, the candidate with the most money usually wins, regardless of how bad they are. It’s a one dollar one vote style democracy. To get a message out about who the candidate is takes money. Without money, the incumbent can count on his/her base support, which for Tiahrt is the right-wing religious nuts that believe stopping abortion is so important that Tiahrt can rob us all blind and use his office to get rich at our expense.

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Harrap said...

Where is campaign financing reform when you need it! In Manitoba, they've banned all corporate and union donations and they're moving in that direction federally (already such donations are greatly restricted).

btw, I hear even Gary Condit got re-elected! The rate incumbants are returned is unbelievable!!!