Sunday, July 30, 2006

Tiahrt passes spending bill destined to fail

Rep. Todd Tiahrt has lost votes for his bill to save Tax dollars by creating a “waste-fighting” department. It’s not surprising the bill didn’t go. Right now the Republicans are worried the voters might get tired of their pork barrel spending and personal perks, such as taking unnecessary trips to exotic locations, such a Hawaii or East Asia.
Tiahrt has taken such trips, with his family and he has attempted to get federal project passed to justify his job. Right now he has little to show for his time spent in the House of Representatives, except personal and campaign spending at the tax-payers expense.

According to The Wichita Eagle, Jul. 29:
“- As the U.S. House of Representatives wrapped up before its August break, Rep. Todd Tiahrt's bill to create waste-fighting federal commissions failed to get a House vote, as united Democrats and worried Republicans stopped a bill that once seemed destined to pass.
"We didn't have the votes we needed" to pass the legislation, said Chuck Knapp, spokesman for Tiahrt, R-Goddard.”

Yes all are worried the bill would cost them money and it would create a whole new bureaucracy to oversee other bureaucracies already created by congress. It is more likely that Tiahrt sponsored this bill knowing it would not get a vote. That way he can take it to the voters as proof he’s trying to cut waste, yet knowing in advance no one would support the bill. As with him, many congress-people are taking perks at the taxpayer’s expense.

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