Sunday, March 19, 2006

Of course Tiahrt supports the war – What’s Vietnam

Rep. Todd Tiahrt is still trying to justify the war in Iraq. According The Wichita Eagle, March 19, 2008:

Tiahrt justified his vote to go to war on the grounds there were weapons of mass destruction and both he and Democrat Rep. Dennis Moore believed he would have nuclear weapons in a year.
That turned out to be false. There has been no evidence at all for any weapons of mass destruction.
Tiahrt said much of the information he based his vote on is still valid and the threat was real enough to justify war.
If that wasn’t bad enough, nearly all our lawmakers, including Democrat Moore, refuse to denounce the war effort. It’s as if we learned nothing from Vietnam.

Unfortunately, the same Kansans who voted in total idiots to run the Kansas School Board also have not learned anything from Vietnam.

According to the same Eagle edition:

“By a sizable majority, Kansans support the war in Iraq, but they think less of the way the White House is handling the conflict than they did two years ago.
A KWCH-12 Eyewitness News-Wichita Eagle poll conducted earlier this week shows that 59 percent of Kansans think the decision to invade Iraq was the right decision. In 2004, 66 percent of Kansans said they supported that decision in a similar poll.

By comparison, the number of Kansans who thought the decision to invade was the wrong one grew from 25 percent in 2004 to 36 percent now.

Those numbers suggest that Kansans seem to be more supportive of the war than the nation as whole is.”

Not everyone was duped by George Bush. According to Diane Wahto

“You wouldn’t know it by reading the Eagle this morning, but we had a successful, and peaceful, march yesterday with 110 people of all ages, including babies, and a few dogs participating. KAKE News ran a short video, but I can’t find it on the web site.

Thanks to everyone who helped organize this march. Despite the misleading headline in today’s Eagle, I believe the people of Kansas are sick of Bush’s war and the statistics in the story support that.”
Marches took part all across the country, Wichita included. Many of us know the war was started on a lie and control of Middle East oil is the main motivation. The “war on terrorism” is a crock and a lot of us know it. It has been used to justify denying our civil liberties and fighting wars on behalf of oil companies for the phony excuse that we are trying to “stop terrorists.”

The local march was designed to coordinate with marches across the country.


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cheesemeister said...

I think that there are many morons who learned nothing from Viet Nam, including Bush, who was too busy partying while John Kerry was over there fighting. But who gets dissed? Kerry! I never got that.
Hey, thanks for featuring the Bat prominently in the sidebar! That is too cool!