Monday, January 16, 2006

With Tiahrt as whip, Kansas could have new clout and a double dose of ridicule

The headline of an article in The Wichita Eagle, Jan. 16, 2006, said:
“With Tiahrt as whip, Kansas would have new clout.”
Yes Rep. Todd Tiahrt will bring our state new clout, but is it the kind we need or want?
We already have a state education board that has brought us ridicule over evolution, a voucher system and a reluctance to seek the financial support the schools need from the legislature. Thankfully, most people outside of Kansas have never hear of Kansas Education Commissioner Bob Corkins. But we have Fred Phelps and his followers, who are among the country’s best known Kansans.
So if Tiahrt becomes the Republican Whip, we will have just one more embarrassment to endure here in Kansas.
According to the Eagle article:
“If Todd Tiahrt became Majority Whip of the U.S. House of Representatives, he would be the first Kansas delegation member in an elected congressional leadership position since Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole resigned to run for president in 1996.”
Comparing Dole to Tiahrt is like comparing a badger to a sniveling weasel. I never liked Dole. He was always wrong on the issues. He supported RENAMO, the right-wing guerillas in Mozambique, notorious for cutting off their suspected opponent's ears. They were so brutal even the past prime minister of Britton, Margeret Thatcher refused to support them.
Dole was a Richard Nixon-like leader. He was called “the hatchet man” and the reason was obvious. He was a tough opponent. He was smart. He was dangerous.
Since getting elected, Tiahrt has avoided showing up at debates during his re-election campaigns. He holds town forums in the smaller rural communities to avoid people who might ask tough questions. He’s more of a President George Bush-like leader. He spends much of his time trying to convince us he isn’t an idiot, since it’s obvious he is.
Past Republicans were obnoxious, mean-spirited and politically wrong, but they were smart and could defend their policies. Today’s Republicans are nothing but stooges for the moneyed interests behind them. They have to be coached to give a speech and avoid a situation where they may have to think on their feet and that’s because they can’t.
America may have hated and ridiculed Dole, but Tiahrt will turn the ridicule of a bad leader to an all new art form.
If they ridiculed us before, wait until we give them Tiahrt as a major U.S. House of Representatives leader.

From: The Guardian's expose'.

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