Wednesday, November 02, 2005

More than $150,000 a year for Tiahrt and he still opposes raising the minimum

Once again Rep. Todd Tiahrt has voted against a raise in the minimum wage. According to The Wichita Eagle, Nov 01, 2005:
“Recently, a bill to raise the federal minimum wage to $6.25 per hour failed to receive enough Republican votes to pass the U.S. Senate. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, with all the purported concern about poverty and homelessness, it is shocking that the minimum wage is going to remain at $5.15 per hour, where it has been for almost 10 years.”
Also according to the Eagle Tiahrt has received salary increases of more than $21,000 over the past six years. He is now being paid more than $158,000 per year, in addition to receiving the best health care plan in the United States. Chances are good that he will oppose any federal funding for health care, even though he gets it.
This is not the first time Tiahrt voted down a raise in the minimum wage. He did so in 1996 and has continued to do so every time the issue has first come up for a vote. I’m sure he’s just trying to please his rich donor friends, such as those who paid thousands to sit at a special seat to hear the band U2 play recently. All his business friends seem to think this is a new age of feudalism, where workers are so poor they must be dependent on the companies they work for and the rich congressmen who help those businesses suppress them with poverty.

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cheesemeister said...

But of course, he doesn't have to worry!
Why don't them dang lazy ass poor people just get theirselves a better job?
Oh--lack of education?
Well, why don't they just get themselves some better education?
Oh--can't afford it? Cuts in grants not allowing for as many people to go to college?
Too bad. Why don't they just do us all a favor and roll over and die?