Wednesday, October 05, 2005

MoveOn says: Give the money back Mr. Tiahrt!

Rep. Tom DeLay

MoveOn says: Give the money back Mr. Tiahrt!
The organization MoveOn is asking Kansas residents to call up Rep. Todd Tiahrt and ask him to give back the received $10,071 in PAC money he received from Republican Leader Tom Delay. Delay has now been indicted twice for campaign improprieties.

"TomDeLay did nothing wrong," said Rep. Todd Tiahrt, R-Kan, last May. "There is no evidence of any breaking of the House rules, no evidence of breaking any laws of the land or of the laws of Texas."

Well, Mr. Tiahrt, it doesn't look like that is true anymore. That is why you should give back your share of the money.

MoveOn has sent the following letter to its members:

Dear MoveOn member,
Yesterday a second grand jury in Texas indicted Republican Leader Tom DeLay on a new set of charges. This time it was money laundering related to a campaign finance scheme (last week's charge was conspiracy related to the same crime). DeLay's fundraising has benefited hundreds of Republican members of Congress—and they're mostly holding onto the money he raised for them even though it may be tainted. So far, only one member of Congress, Rep. Jeb Bradley (R-NH), has returned the money from Tom DeLay's PAC because he wanted to “remove any question about the nature of the contribution.”1
Your representative, Rep. Tiahrt, received $10,071 from Tom DeLay's fundraising PAC.2 Will you call Rep. Tiahrt and ask him to return the money?
Here is what you need to know to make the call.Congressman Todd TiahrtPhone: 202-225-6216


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