Monday, July 25, 2005

He finally knows what he’s doing- wrecking the environment and lowering our standard of living

Rep. Todd Tiahrt is on a caucus of Republican Lawmakers that want few regulation, lower taxes and limiting lawsuits against big business. He wants the US economy to be more “competitive” with world trade, according the Eagle Washington bureau, July 25, 2005.
If he wants all of that he should look to China. They have environmental regulations which are 20 years behind the times. Things really heated up this Sunday, when, according to China Herald:
"The riot got really violent after two of 200 elderly women got killed by police in an effort to disperse them during a protest against a chemical factory. Angry villagers attacked and 50 busses with 3,000 police men, military police and other security guards were brought to the scene. The police claims 50 of their people had to be brought to the hospital and five are said to be in a more serious condition."
But that’s in China. We would never riot over filthy air and dangerous environmental conditions here in the US.
Perhaps Tiahrt thinks we should pay our workers, as they do in China. The TV’s and other products you buy where we are told that prices are rolled back are rolled back because Chinese workers earn about 50 cents an hour, or as Time reported in “Wal-Mart Nation,” June 27, 2005, $100 a month to make products. But don’t feel left out, according to the article China has allowed Wal-Mart the opportunity to invade China’s and is promoting its “consumer vs. worker”
Tiahrt admitted “It’s taken me 10 years or so to figure out exactly what some barriers are” to get things done in Washington. That’s not surprising with someone as dumb as Tiahrt. With Tiahrt at the wheel, we can only expect less environmental quality and lower standards of living. Especially since he finally figured out what he thinks he’s supposed to be doing in that position. We’d all be better if he just wasn’t there.

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