Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Aloha taxpaying suckers! –from Mr. and Mrs. Tiahrt

After complaining that a sign was put on public property, for partisan reasons, The Wichita Eagle, June 20, 2005, announced that Todd Tiahrt and his wife attend an annual conference in Hawaii at a cost from between $5,000 to $15,000, and all of it is taxpayers money. The American Association of Airport Executives puts on the conference.
Even if Todd can justify this, why does he need his wife along? She would probably argue that it is OK because she doesn’t actually get involved in politics. She just parties it up at the taxpayer’s expense. For her it’s not politics – it’s time to PAAARRTTYY!
So it’s a rip-roaring fun time for all- and all is paid for by the taxpayers. Mr. and Mrs. Tiahrt are not alone. Sen. Sam Brownback and Rep. Jerry Moran also took business trips to exotic locations. And so did House Majority Leader Tom DeLay. Tiahrt said in an earlier interview, ‘his constituents don’t care if their leaders fleece them.’

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