Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Vicki Tiahrt commits vandalism: but it’s OK - She’s a Republican

Vicki Tiahrt wrote “please remove” over a Democrats sign that showed the growing US debt, according to The Wichita Eagle, May 24, 2005. It’s obvious why Republicans are uneasy about people seeing the debt and realizing that the war and President George Bush’s disastrous economic policies are destroying the country. But Mrs. Tiahrt, that kind law abiding Christian, resorted to the destruction of property to make her point.
The sign was in front of Rep. Stephanie Herseth, D-S.D.
Mrs. Tiahrt, when confronted by Herseth’s staff, said she was the wife of a congressman (Rep. Todd Tiahrt) and that they shouldn’t be using taxpayer money for sings put out by a partisan political party.
Is Mrs. Tiahrt aware of how much of the tax-payers money her husband has used to promote himself before each election? Tiahrt has taken advantage of every tax-payers loopholes to feather his own nest and he has surpassed all his predecessors who have held that office in the past.
Perhaps vandalism and disrespecting someone’s property is OK if you’re a Republican congressman’s wife.

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