Friday, June 09, 2017

Conservative commentator, Susan Brown, longs for brutish politics

By SJ Otto
When I fist saw the headlines for Susan Stamper Brown's article, "It’s time for Democrats to get real," I expected to see the usual conservative advice the Democrats always get: -drop liberalism, drop identity politics, be more conservative like the Republicans, etc.
But I started reading her article, in our local newspaper, The Wichita Eagle, and what a surprise I got. Brown went way farther than simple conservatism. She reads like some kind of primal brute from the back hills of some hick podunk.
It seems she is a fan of Greg Gianforte who won Montana’s special election, despite being charged with assaulting a journalist one day prior. While many of us, on both the left and right, found this ass hole revolting and the election results infuriating. Brown found Gianforte's actions "sexy."

"That’s why Greg Gianforte won Montana’s special election, despite being charged with assaulting a journalist one day prior.
After reading reports and listening to the audio of the altercation, I thought Gianforte’s response was kind of sexy. Before the snowflake generation evolved, that’s how manly men resolved their differences. And still do, in places like Montana and Alaska, where men aren’t ostracized for being men. They duke it out, brush it off, shake hands and go on their way."

At first I thought she was joking. But no, she means it. Brown seems to be a part of the new Donald Trump era politicians. She is from Alaska and not that different from another like-minded Alaskan, Sarah Palin. Brown comes off looking like a mean and fascist version of one of the Beverly Hillbillies.
As with other Republican conservatives, she only likes it when Republicans beat up liberals. She isn't so keen on it when it is the other way around:

"The Democratic Party is overrun by violent far-left extremists who regularly display their antipathy to things they dislike using violence. Setting fires, throwing Molotov cocktails, smashing windows, throwing rocks at police, destroying private property, and physically attacking Republicans like what happened at Berkley in February was the norm long before Donald Trump arrived on the scene.
Normal Americans watching this appalling behaviour have come to understand that just like terrorists, these left-wing anarchists the Democratic Party harbors cannot be reasoned with, so defeating Democrats at the ballot box is America’s only hope."

As with many other conservative voices all over the US, she tries to lump anarchist political activist with the Democratic Party. The activities she describes are those of the Black Bloc tactics. Those are used by anarchist groups and a few Marxist organizations, but not Democrats, liberals or democratic socialists. Not only are Black Bloc people not part of the Democratic Party left, Black Blocs don't even vote most of the time. And Democrats don't use Black Bloc tactics. There is little difference in what Brown and her kind say than those Democrats who try to lump the Ku Klux Klan and the Republican Party together.  
I have to admit that since Gianforte got elected, I don't mind seeing someone wearing black clothing and a mask smacking Trump supporters in the face. It almost feels like some kind of justice. It definitely feels good. I know most of my fellow lefties will say that we should rise above those brutish tactics of fist fights and body slams and show a more sophisticated example. But seeing a conservative get smacked in the face just feels good. I can't help feeling good that some ass holes are getting what they deserve.
Brown's politics are just knee jerk conservatism meshed with old fashion John "Duke" Wayne brutishness. But maybe she has a point that punching your political opponents is just too satisfying to pass up. We may be on the thresh hold of a new era. The cowboy brute is now the new rage. Politeness and courtesy are on their way out. In that way Brown may be ahead of her time.  

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